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Port Ryerse is situated very prettily in a valley at the mouth of Young's Creek, and was first settled by Samuel Ryerse, 1794. It possesses a good harbor and excellent water power. The grist mill is leased to Mr. John Shaw of Normandale. A large number of bricks have been manufactured here of late years. The Georgian propeller, is the property of a local company. A great deal of enterprise has been displayed by the people of Ryerse, in business matters.

In 1862 the Simcoe and Port Ryerse Harbor Company was formed. Edward P. Ryerse, President, W. Holmwood, Secretary and Treasurer. The harbor has been greatly improved by this company, and sailing vessels and propellers load and unload here. Great quantities of grain, lumber, staves, flour, etc, etc, are annually sent out. The population is about 200. Mr. James Cutting has an excellent hotel -- the resort of many of the Simcoe people in the warm weather. There is an English Church, Rev. F. Renaud, incumbent, and a good brick school house.

Lynn Valley is a small village, a station on the P.D. & L.H. Railway, containing 2 grist mills (Eaids & Gray's), 2 saw mills, 1 oatmeal mill. It is in the centre of a magnificent country and may develop into importance in years to come.

Course of Settlement

In addition to the names of the early settlers of Woodhouse already given, the following lived on the road from Simcoe to Dover, or near it, prior to 1825: Abner Owen, Levi Douglas, Adam Mesner [sic], John Mesner [sic], David Marr, William Culver, Jacob Lemon, Joseph Walker, Joseph Culver, ___ Matthews, Col. Solmon, ___ Bowlby, Benj. Mead, ___Williams, ___ Parks, Hugh McQueen, John McNilledge, Fredk. Steinhoff, John Potts, John O'Brien, Manuel and Peter Steinhoff, the Austin family (Solomon Austin and his descendants), ___ De Cou, and a few others..

Article Index
Austin, Soloman
Bowlby, Mr.
Culver, Joseph
Culver, William
Cutting, James
De Cou, Mr.
Douglas, Levi
Holmwood, W.
Lemon, Jacob
Marr, David
Matthews, Mr.
McNeilridge, Mr.
McQueen, Hugh
Mead, Benj.
Misner, Adam
Misner, John
O'Brien, John
Owen, Abner
Parks, Mr.
Potts, John
Renaud, F.
Ryerse, Edward P.
Ryerse, Samuel
Shaw, John
Solmon, Col.
Steinhoff, Fredk.
Steinhoff, Manuel
Stienhoff, Peter
Walker, Joseph
Williams, Mr.

From page 60 of the Mika re-print of 1877 Illustrated Historical Atlas of Norfolk County
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