Simcoe High School, 1931-32
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The following were listed as 1931-32 Simcoe High School students in the 23 Jun 1932 and 25 Aug 1932 issues of the Simcoe Reformer and presumably are in the accompanying photo. [This list may be incomplete.] The 23 Jun 1932 list of students in Forms I to III was surname and initial only. The given names for those students presented here are from the memories of classmates and friends. Names in italics were not in the Reformer's list but have been confirmed by site visitors.

Form I

Anthoney, Winnie
Austin, Betty
Baker, L.
Beckett, E.
Beemer, K.
Bloom, Isabel
Boney, R.
Bramhill, Barbara
Brearkey, Orville
Brook, John
Brooks, Betty
Brunt, H.
Burant, E.
Burham, Alden
Cable, [.]
Calder, W.
Cameron, Archie
Cameron, LeRoy (Ian)
Cardiff, Wilf.
Churchill, Verna
Collver, Clarence
Cox, Florence
Cox, William.
De Fields, T.
Depew, Jim
Eames, Gladys
Easeltine, Dot
Frost, Lee
Hamilton, Jim
Hannick, Mary
Harrington, H.
Hilliard, Marjorey
Hoskin, Jack.
Hossack, Glenn
Holman, Mary
Howes, Wilma
Knapp, Gladys
Knight, Ethel
LaFortune, Gordon
Laird, K.
Lemyre, B.
Lindsay, Albert
Little, Lil
Madole, M.
McCready, Wray
McIntrye, N.
Misener, Orpha
Misner, F.
Morrison, Helen
Neiderauer, Glenn
O'Heron, Mary
O'Mahony, H.
Pace, Malcom
Peddle, E.
Potts, Harold
Ramsey, C.
Reeker, Ken
Richardson, F.
Rodgers, Bruce
Roney, W.
Saunders, H.
Shearer, E.
Simpson, I.
Slocombe, E.
Smart, A.
Smith, Gladys
Smith, Grace
Stewart, B.
Stewart, Nora
Storey, M.
Swain, K.
Taylor, J.
Tucker, M.
Weaver, D.
Woo[t]ley, J.
Young, Duncan

Form II

Brooks, Lucy
Brooks, Tom
Brown, E. (Ted)
Burtis, Marion
Bryden, H.
Crone, William
Curtis, Lorne
Davis, D.
Dawes, Doreen
Ferris, Glen
Gardiner, Lindsay
Haggarty, I.
Hamilton, Robert
Hosington, A.
Howes, Hilda
Jackson, Alouise
Kidner, Verna
Knowles, Evans
Landon, Jim
Lingwood, E.
Little, June
McKnight, E.
Messecar, Florence
Morrow, Larry
Neidrauer, L.
Pace, Melville
Panst, Rita
Richardson, J.
Ryerse, Bertha
Ryerse, Mary
Sherlock, Alan
Sherlock, Eric
Sherman, C.
Stadder, Bruce
Vander Mont, A.
Wallace, M.
Walsh, Edith
Whitehead, G.
[Wilson], H.

Form III

Adams, H.
Bowyer, Max.
Cardiff, Robert
Cattel, Graydon
Chadwick, L.
Chechak, E.
Depew, Dorothy
Edgington, Robert
Forse, Edna
Jacques, E.
Jaques, Kay
Jones, M.
LaFortune, Herman
Landon, Tom
MacGregor, Don
Martin, H.
McIntyre, M.
Misener, H.
Pendergast, M.
Piette, Norm
Pinchin, Fred
Rainey, B.
Sherwood, A.
Stage, Gwendlyn
Strachan, Alex
Townsend, S.
Vahdeleur, C.
Van Brocklin, Bea
Willerton, L.
Yeager, O.

Form IV

Addison, Brock
Addison, Stan

Best, Garner
Cornish, Wm.
Cotton, Archie
Culver, Murray
Ellis, Elizabeth
Farnden, Dorothy
Gilbertson, David H (Ben)
Innes, Arthur
Jackson, Warren
Kell, Doris
Morrow, Roy
Nickerson, Claire
Rutherford, Pauline
Showers, Howard
Simpson, Betty
Stuart, Fred
Veit, Roger
Waddle, Harry
Wallace, Gordon
Whiteside, Wm.

Form V

Aitken, Geo.
Beagle, Herb.
Best, Violet
Calder, Harry
Crysler, E.
D[oe]th, Isobel
Easken, Carder
Hoog[e]ndyk, E.
Howting, Joan
Innes, Edith
Jackson, Jos.
Jaques, John
LaFortune, E.
Livingston, H.
MacDonald, J.
McCallum, D.
McClain, H.
Marlatt, Ethel
Martin, Marjorie
Mason, Leonard
Mudford, V.
Parrett, Marion
Simpson, A.
Storey, L.
Sutor, Oscar
Swain, Allan
Tisdale, D.
[West], Margaret
Widner, Walter
Yeager, Vernon

Unknown class

Dennis, Laird

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