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MABEE -- Seeking information about Frederick Mabee, who arrived in Charlotteville Twp., Norfolk County in 1793; his ancestors and descendants. 
Contact: Robert Mutrie of Welland, Ontario [Query renewed Mar 2012]

MARLATT Seeking information about Nathaniel Marlatt, born circa 1821 in Upper Canada, died prior to 1900; married Phoebe Ammerman circa 1848. They lived in Beverly, Wentworth County in 1861, in Walsingham, Norfolk County in 1881. 
Contact: Bonnie Petee, Michigan [Query renewed Apr 2012]

MARLATT -- Seeking information about the Marlatt families of Norfolk County, 1800s, especially Mary, 1793-1873, who married Joseph Axford. It is possible that Mary married first a Kelley, and had a child, then married a Pawling and had a child, before marrying Axford. I have found no marriages.
Contact: Marilyn Cross, Brantford, Ontario [Query revised Apr 2012]

MARTIN -- Seeking information on John E. Martin and Mary Elizabeth Gibbons, parents of Emily Jane Martin, born 5 Dec 1850 in Simcoe, Norfolk.  John and Mary may have had at least three children according to studio portrait by T. B. Perry, Simcoe, Ontario.  
Contact: Sherry Martin, Gig Harbor, Washington [Query posted Apr 2012]

McCALL -- Seeking information about Preserved McCall, father of three McCall
sisters who married three Farnham brothers. Eliza McCall married Daniel
Farnham on 25 November 1842 in Charlotteville Township, Norfolk County, as
his third wife.  Thirza/Theresa McCall married Daniel's younger brother, Harman
Farnham, on 23 Aug 1833. Charlotte McCall married youngest brother, John
W. Farnham, about 1842. Daniel remained in Norfolk County, Thirza and Harman
removed to Chautauqua County, NY, where Harman had been born. John and Charlotte probably married in Waukesha County, WI, where they lived the rest of
their lives. Preserved McCall's wife was Mary Mershon, whose line has been
Contacts: Edith Bartley or John Cardiff [Query renewed May 2012]

McCALL -- Seeking information about the Donald McCall and Elsie Simpson family of Charlotteville Township, who came to the Long Point Settlement in 1796; their ancestors and descendants. 
Contact: John Cardiff, Simcoe, Ontario [Query renewed Jan 2012]

McCALL -- Seeking information about Daniel A. McCall (1831-1893) of Charlotteville Township, Norfolk County, who on 12 Jul 1854 married Ann McInnes (1834-1900) of Charlotteville Township, Norfolk County; their ancestors and descendants. 
Contact: John Cardiff [Query renewed Jan 2012]

McNEILLY -- Seeking information about Samuel McNeilly and Elizabeth Carlisle who immigrated to Canada in 1847 from Fernisky, County Antrim, Northern Ireland. They settled in Woodhouse Township, Lot 23, Concession 3, with their children Jeremiah born 1827, John born 1829, James born 1832, Ellen born 1835, William born 1837, Mary Jane born 1840, Agnes born 1842, David born 1845, Thomas born 1847 and Elizabeth born 1851. Jeremiah married Margaret Lang, daughter of Robert Lang & Margaret Owens; James married Agnes Kyle, daughter of David Kyle & Nancy Ann Walsh/Welsh; Ellen married Thomas Wright, son of William Wright & Ann Start; Mary Ann was engaged to James McGregor but died prior to marriage after falling from a horse; Anges married John Moore, son of James Moore & Fanny Robinson; David married Mary McCarty, daughter of Michael & Bridget; Elizabeth married John McCreedy, son of Matthew James McCreedy & Mary Hodge.
Contact Lynn & David McNeilly of St. Catharines, Ontario [Query renewed Apr 2012]

MITCHELL -- Seeking information about James Mitchell, J.P., of Charlotteville Township, Norfolk County, and Walpole Township, Haldimand County; and his family, circa 1820- . 
Contact: Thomas A. Ryerson, Ingersoll, Ontario.  (Mr. Ryerson is co-author of the The Ryerse-Ryerson Family 1574-1994 genealogy) [Query renewed Feb 2012]

MITCHELL -- Seeking information about Erasmus Aeneas Mitchell (1826- ?). Looking for descendants of this son of  Norfolk pioneer Judge James Mitchell. Erasmus and his wife Mary had eight children. I believe they stayed in Norfolk. 
Contact: Thomas A. Ryerson, Ingersoll, Ontario. (Mr. Ryerson is co-author of the The Ryerse-Ryerson Family 1574-1994 genealogy.) [Query renewed Feb 2012]

MORGAN -- Seeking information about family of John Morgan and Jane Kingston. (She was born 22 Dec 1828 in Frontenac County, a daughter of Paul Kingston and Sarah Gay.) John and Jane's known children: William, born 8 Dec 1848; Ella, born 10 Oct 1860; and Victoria, who married James Knowles 12 Nov 1889 at her mother's home in Walsingham Centre, Norfolk County. Family members may be buried at Mount Pleasant Cemetery and Knowles Cemetery. 
Contact: Louise deLagran of Peterborough, Ontario [Query renewed Apr 2012]

MUCKLE -- Seeking any information about loyalist known as John Muckle who subsequently settled in the area of Townsend Township, Norfolk County, and his son John. Who did father and son, both named John, marry? Anyone have information regarding any other known or suspected relatives, such as siblings or children of either John Sr. or John Jr.?  Who lived adjacent to their properties (and might be possible relatives)?  To whom did they leave or will property or possessions? 
Contact: Barbara Huff-Duff, Los Angeles, Calif. [Query renewed Apr 2012]