Doan's Hollow Elementary School, 1946-47
Last updated: 28 Aug 2017
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Person 46-19

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This is student: Keith Richards
Tentatively identified 31 Jul 2011 by Dick Hewitt
Tentatively identified 13 Feb 2016 by Linda Feere  
Questioned 17 Aug 2017 by Linda Feere 
Identified  25 Aug 2017 by Barb Awde

Richard Hewitt suggested this may be "___" Richards.
From Linda, 2016: I believe this is Murray Richards.
From Linda, 2017: Murray would not have been old 
enough to be in school at this time. Maybe this is 
Murray's older brother, Keith Richards.
From Linda. 2017: This is Keith Richards, 
eldest son of Albert and Gertrude (Davis) Richards. 
Keith died in his 20s from leukemia. His engagement 
to marry was published just a month before he died.

Lynnville Cemetery stone:
"Keith Richards 1935-1956"
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