Jolley to Joner
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Jolley -- Dr. Jolley is treating Mr. Shirk's 10-year old daughter's injured arm 
[Port Dover NR18860826]
-- Ethel Maud, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. J. F. Jolley, married James E. Bell, of the Canadian Inland Revenue Dept., 2 Nov 1899 at her parents' home, in Port Dover 
[SR18991109] [WS18991109p5]

Jolley -- A. E. Maude Jolley's husband, James Edward Bell 1867-1904
[Port Dover Cemetery stone] 

Jolley -- Maud, daughter of Dr. Jollie [sic] of Port Dover, and widow of William Kennedy, died suddenly last week in Kansas City enroute to California for the winter [SR19471117p6]

Jolley -- E. Maude Jolly [sic] Kennedy 1874-1947 [Port Dover Cemetery stone]

Jolley -- Jane Jolley, 77, relict of [R]ev. W. Jolley, died 2 Mar 1886 at Port Dover [NR18860311]

Jolley -- John F. Jolley, 58, born 21 Sep 1842 in Ontario, [doctor]
his wife [Melvina] Jolley, 54, born 8 Apr 1846 in N.S., immigrated 1882
his married son-in-law Jas. E. Bell, 33, born 31 Jan 1868 in Ontario
his married daughter Anna E. M. Bell, 26, born 15 Apr 1874 in Ontario
[1901 Census of Port Dover:1]

Jolley -- Dr. John F. Jolley died 28 May 1917 in Port Dover -- see his obituary

Jolley -- John Fredrick Jolley M.D. 1844-1917 | his wife Melvina Shreffler 1848-1922
E. Maude Jolly [sic] Kennedy 1848-1947 [Port Dover Cemetery stones]

Jolley -- M. S. Jolley, widow, Port Dover [1919 Voters List]

Jolley -- Rev. Wm. and Eliza R. Jolley's son William S., 1 year  days, died 17 Sep 1871 [Newkirk Cemetery stone]

Jolly -- Miss Alice L. Jolly, eldest daughter of N. Jolly, married Walter F. McCall of the firm McCall & Mason, 6 Dec 1894 at her father's home in St. Williams [NR18941220]

Jolly -- Annie M. Jolly, wife of David S. Halcrow, 1883-1961 [Greenwood Cemetery stone]

Jolly -- Mrs. E. D. Jolly is entertaining her grandfather, Daniel Smith of Delhi, who is a former resident of St. Williams [SR19150805p8] [Compiler's Comment: Edwin David Jolly was also recorded as Ted Jolly.]

Jolly -- Edwin Jolly, farmer, Delhi 
Grace Jolly, Delhi [1919 Voters List]

Jolly -- to the wife of Ted Jolley [sic], a son, 7 Jan 1920 in Delhi  [SR19200129p7]

Jolly -- Edwin David Jolly, 68, of Hwy. 3, Delhi, died 23 Nov 1945 in Delhi. Born in Newmarket, the son of Nathaniel Jolly later of St. Williams, he married Grace B., daughter of David Smith, 31 years ago yesterday. Sons Grant of Brantford and Donald of Simcoe, and sister Mrs. C. L. Snowden of Toronto survive [obituary SR19451126p3] 

Jolly -- Edwin David Jolly 1877-1945
his wife Grace Beatrice Smith 1887-1955 [Delhi Cemetery stone]

Jolly -- Nathaniel Jolly, 54, born 18 Jul 1846 in Ontario, cabinet maker
his wife Emma, 52, born 21 May 1848 in Ontario
his single son Edwin, 22, born 21 Jun 1878 in Ontario, laborer
his single daughter Catherine, 18, born 22 Oct 1882 in Ontario [1901 Census of Charlotteville:3]

Jolly -- Nat. Jolly, cabinet maker -- see Coming to St. Williams in 1912

Jolly -- N. Jolly -- see 1916 St. Williams

Jolly -- Mrs. N. J. Jolly's grandfather, Daniel Smith of Delhi, former St. Williams resident, visited [SR19150805p8] -- Mrs. and Mrs. Chas. Snowden and son of Toronto are visiting the latter's parents, Mrs. and Mrs. N. J. Jolly at St. Williams [SR19150805p8] -- Mrs. Charles Snowden and children of Toronto are visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. N. Jolly at St. Williams [SR19170712p11]

Jolly -- Nathaniel Jolly's wife Emma, 70, died 27 Oct 1917 in St. Williams. Interred 29 Oct 1917 in Newkirk Cemetery [SR19171101p7] -- she died at her home, having been in poor health for some time. Survived by husband, son E. D. Jolly of Delhi and daughter Mrs. C. L. Snowden of Toronto [SR19171101p8]

Jolly -- N. J. Jolly has returned to St. Williams after spending some two months with his daughter, Mrs. Snowden of Toronto, and his son, E. D. Jolly, Delhi [SR19180228p2]

Jolly -- N. J. Jolley's [sic] visiting sisters, Mrs. D. Matheson and Mrs. Joyce, have returned to their home in Ottawa [SR19180905p8]

Jolly -- Mr. Jolly was suddenly taken ill last Saturday and for some time was unconscious. His son, E. Jolly, came from Delhi, and his daughter, Mrs. Chas. Snowden, came from Toronto. He subsequently seemed much better [SR19181219p5]

Jolly -- Nathan Jolley [sic], 73, died Wed 8 Jan 1919 in Toronto. Funeral this afternoon from his late residence in St. Williams to Newkirk Cemetery [SR19190109p5] -- N. J. Jolly died 8 Jan 1919 at the home of his daughter Mrs. C. L. Snowden in Toronto. A resident of St. Williams for [36] years, he had charge of the furniture department in McCall and Co.'s factory all that time [St. Williams SR19190123p8]

Jolly -- Nathaniel Jolly 1847-1919
his wife Emma 1848-1917 [Newkirk Cemetery stone]

Jolly -- Ted Jolly of St. Williams married Grace, daughter of Dan Smith, 28 Nov 1914 in Delhi. They will reside in St. Williams [SR19141203p9] -- Mr. and Mrs. D. Smith of Delhi visited their daughter, Mrs. Ted. Jolly [St. Williams SR19150805p8] [Compiler's Comment: Ted also recorded as Edwin David Jolly]

Jolly -- Ted Jolly purchased a grocery store in Hamilton and took possession 1 Feb 1916 
[St. Williams SR19160203p2]

Jolly -- to wife of Ted Jolly, a son, Friday 12 Oct 1917 in Delhi [SR19171025p7]

Jolly -- Ted Jolly of Delhi and his sister Mrs. Charles Snowden of Toronto, were here this week looking after the affairs at their old home 
[St. Williams SR19190515p2]

Jolly -- Walter Jolly -- see Sam White

Jolly -- Williams Jolly died [Ontario Vital Stats 1871]

Jonckheere -- Agnes M. Jonckheere [no dates] | her husband Frederick P. Clarysse 1922-1967
[Oakwood Cemetery stone]

Joner -- William Joner, laborer, Kinglake [1919 Voters List]

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