Etc. -- 1920 I.O.O.F. Officers
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A lightly edited transcription of page 1 article in the 10 Jul 1919 issue of the Simcoe Reformer.
Also see 1920 Encampment Officers.

I.O.O.F. install Officers

On Tuesday night at the regular meeting of Simcoe Encampment, I.O.O.F. D.D.G.P. Schuyler installed the following officers for the ensuing year:
C.P. -- Robert Hoag
H.P. -- William Murphy
S.W. -- William C. Dixon
R.S. -- R. W. Mead
F.S. -- H. H.Schuyler
Treasurer -- Henry Johnson
J.W. -- Russell Gage
Guide -- John Anguish
1st Watch -- Emery Macpherson
2nd Watch -- J. W. Kitchen
3rd Watch -- Al Powell
4th Watch -- John Spain
1st G. of T. -- Harry Johnson
J.S. -- C. S. Welch
O.S. -- Oscar Brady,

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