Etc. -- 1920 Simcoe Encampment Officers
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A lightly edited transcription of a page 1 article in the 8 Jan 1920 issue of the Simcoe Reformer. Also see 1920 I.O.O.F. Officers.

Officers Installed

At a meeting of Simcoe Encampment held Monday night, the following officers were installed:

W. John Trott -- C.P.
William Murphy -- H.P.
John Anguish -- S.W.
R. W. Mead -- R.S.
H. H. Schuyler -- F.S.
Henry Johnson -- treasurer
Grant Schuyler -- guide
Thomas Cowley -- J.W.
Fred Mattice -- 1st watch
Robert Hoag -- 2nd watch
Archie Wynn -- 3rd watch
S. J. Mitson -- 4th watch
W. C. Dixon -- 1st G. of T.
John Reeve -- 2nd G. of T.
Isaac Austin -- I.S.
Charles Terhune -- O.S.

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