Etc. -- Williams Settlement Cemetery, Houghton Township
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Williams Settlement Cemetery [GPS:36.100/35.860], south of but approximately opposite 285 Concession Road 7 enr, in a small unmarked field in historic Houghton Township, northwest of Clear Creek, photographed 28 May 2009 by John Cardiff. 
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[Compiler's Comment: This tiny pioneer cemetery is no longer in use. According to surviving readable stones, only 20 people were buried here and the only people buried here after 1875 were buried with family members. Stones and stone fragments have been gathered and set in both sides of a concrete wall. The large dome shaped stone on the right lists the names of almost a third of all people buried here.]
Partial index to names on stones photographed in this cemetery:
Elizabeth, wife of George Bonser
Lucy, daughter of A. W. Hotchkiss
Esmaraldia, daughter of John & Mary Martin
Maria, wife of Henry Raymond

Andelina, daughter of George & Elizabeth Renner
Chars. J. Wilson
Delia Wilson
Jemima, wife of Josiah Wilson
Mary J. Wilson
Sherman Wilson

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