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Old Windham Pioneer Cemetery  at 2415 Norfolk Street North (Highway 24), Simcoe, in historic Windham Township, Norfolk County, photographed 19 Apr 2003 by John Cardiff. 
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Cemetery's GPS: N 42 52.140 | W 80 18.955 
[Compiler's Comments: This is a small cemetery at the north edge of Simcoe, in area of former Colborne village. No longer used. Over 600 names appear on stones in this cemetery. Stones have been gathered for groundskeeping. Dozens of old stones lay in cement. More recent stones stand in a row behind those in cement.]

A partial index of names on stones photographed in this cemetery:  

Samuel Axford.
Bacon | Sheldon.
Nancy A., wife of John Beemer
Katharine J., wife of Wm. Beemer

Hannah, wife of John Bemer
Marion Boughner
Nisbitt Collver
Robert Collver
Robert M. and Susan Collver
Alexander Cudney
Drusilla, wife of Philip Forse
Martha Ann Henderson
Robt. Hodgson's children
Anne, wife of Aaron Horning
Anna, wife of David Hunter Sen.
John Hunter
Mary (Chadwick) Langs
Jemima McIntosh
John R. McIntosh
Peter O'Carr
James S. Rammage
Michael and Freelove Shaw
Wm. Henry Shoff
Thomas and Agnes Sinclair
Richard and Sarah Wilcox
Sarah A. Wooley.
Martha Woolley

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