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Canadian 1921 Census is on hold

On 17 Jun 2013 GobalGenealogy.com's Rick Roberts reported the 1921 Canadian census has been digitized and indexed. It's ready to go online (free) -- but the Government has put it on hold.

Apparently a senior member of government believes only "three old ladies in Kingston" are interested in the 1921 census, and they only want it for genealogy. In his mind that makes releasing the 1921 census an insignificant priority.

There probably are "three old ladies in Kingston" who would like to use the 1921 census for genealogy -- along with tens of thousands of others of all ages who have an interest in accessing the 1921 census for a variety of reasons, including family history research.

A few years ago when the Federal Government tried to block the release of post-1901 Canadian census records, volunteers across Canada launched the Post 1901 Census Project to ensure those records were released. Thousands wrote letters and emails. Money was raised to pursue the matter in the courts. That effort was successful.

Back then the Conservative Party of Canada under Stephen Harper, then in Opposition, supported public release of historic census.

It is time for us to let James Moore, Minister of Canadian Heritage & Official Languages, and our local MPs know there are a lot of us who are interested in the 1921 census of Canada being released. They may not be concerned about "three old ladies in Kingston"... but a lot of mail from a lot of different constituents across the country may be enough to trigger action.

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Prime Minister Stephen Harper
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