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Veterans of 1812-15
The return of militia pensions for 1876-77, granted to the veterans of 1812-15, has just been published.

The amount of the grant voted was $50,000, and the sum granted each veteran $20. Of the total, the amount disbursed was $48,240. The cases distributed in the various Provinces was as follows: Ontario, 724; Quebec, 1,430; New Brunswick, 29; Nova Scotia, 17, and Manitoba, 3. Total 2,412. The following are the names of the veterans who received the bounty in Norfolk.

Bloomsburg -- Moses Barber, William Kitchen, George Muma, Abraham Nelles
Charlotteville -- Lewis Earle
Clear Creek -- William McEwan
Courtland -- Peter Johnson
Delhi -- Abraham Kemp, John Shaver, Henry Sovereen
Forestville -- Christopher Kern
Hartfort [sic] -- John Wilcox
Houghton Centre -- Philip Buchner
Kelvin -- Henry Huffman
Lynedoch -- Joseph Dell, Ira Disbrow, Peter Wilson, John Matthews
Lynnville -- James Cudney
Normandale -- James Ferres, Thos. Wood
Pleasant Hill -- Charles Anger, Joseph Chambers
Port Royal -- Edward Foster
Port Rowan -- John H. Saxton, Peter Shoemaker, Titus Williams
Port Ryerse -- Sheler Buchner, George Ryerse, David Wood
Round Plains -- John McDonald, Laurence Sovereen
Simcoe -- Philip Austin, Adam Culver, Almond Disbrow, Daniel Hendershot, John Mills, Isaac Stockwell, James Walker, Peter Wycoff, Abraham Youngs
St. Williams -- Daniel McCall, Daniel Glover
Townsend Centre -- Jas. Sam. Lewis, Benjamin Haviland
Vittoria -- Robert Munro
Waterford -- Adam Bowlby, Charles Merrill, William Slaght
Windham -- Richard Dell, Isaac Shaver

From page 56 of the Mika re-print of 1877 Illustrated Historical Atlas of Norfolk County
Copyright 1997-2012 John Cardiff and Norfolk Historical Society

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