Waterford High School, 1931-32
Last updated: 07 Sep 2017 
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Person 1931-074

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This is: Principal R. W. Goheen
Identified 26 Sep 2005 by Wayne Markle  
Confirmed 23 Jun 2007 by Jean VanLoon & Jack Seldon 
Updated 2 Sep 2017 by Wayne Jackson
From Jean: Principal R. W. Goheen would not 
allow school dances.

From Wayne: Raymond William Goheen, son of 
William H. Goheen and Elizabeth A. Beggs, was 
born 18 Nov 1897 in Northumberland County. 
Raymond, 27, married Charlotte Cairns, 22, on 
30 Jun 1925 at Campbellford. Their eldest son 
was born before they moved to Waterford.
Raymond was Principal of Waterford High for 
the 10 years between Sep 1927 and Oct 1937.
He, his wife and eldest son arrived from 
Port Hope, and after the birth of their second 
son moved on to Havelock. 
While Principal at Waterford High, he directed 
the school orchestra. Raymond and his wife were 
both very active in Baptist circles in Norfolk 
while they lived here. He was a frequent speaker 
from Walsh to Boston. She frequently sang. 
They both played guitar. She also played banjo. 
Raymond and his sons Ross and Vernon 
subsequently visited Waterford from Havelock.
Raymond died in Florida and is buried in 
Northumberland County.

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Principal R. W. Goneen
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