Waterford High School, 1931-32
Last updated: 07 Sep 2017 
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This is: student Jean VanLoon
Identified 23 Jun 2007 by Jean herself & Jack Seldon  
Updated 2 Sep 2017 by Wayne Jackson
From Jean, updated by Wayne: 
Jean Alexandra VanLoon (1917-2013) was
daughter of 
     Joseph Nelles VanLoon (1872-1954) 
     m Mabel Louise Hart (1879-1957)
granddaughter of 
     Alfred Henry VanLoon (1847-1930) 
     m Rhoda Mary Nelles (1851-1930),
     and of 
     Edwin Henry Hart (1849-1924)
     m Elizabeth Margaret Walker (1859-1939) 
great-granddaughter of 
     Rev. Jacob VanLoon Jr. (1813-1899)
     m Margaret Root (1818-1895) 
     and of 
     Joseph J. Nelles (1824-1875) 
     m Fidelia Duncombe (1828-1897) 
     and 0f 
     John Hart (1813-) 
     m Elizabeth Ware (1818-) 
     and of 
     William Alexander Walker (1831-1900) 
     m Martha Dunn (1833-)

Jean's other ancestors include: 
     Rev. Jacob VanLoon Sr. and Sarah Smith 
     Henry Root and Mary Overholt 
     Lieutenant Abraham Nelles and Mary Fairchild 
     Dr. David Duncombe and Mary Chapin 
     William Nelles and Mary Sitts, 
     Peter Fairchild and Sarah Fuller 
     Thomas Duncombe and Rhoda Tyrell
Jean married Jack Seldon.

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