Waterford High School, 1931-32
Last updated: 07 Sep 2017 
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The original picture was taken by "Powell, Hamilton," presumably the same photographer who took the photos of Simcoe High School. Text painted in white on the original photo's face reads "Waterford High School 1931-2" then "R. W. Goheen, B.A., Principal" then "Powell, Hamilton."

The source scan was emailed to us by Marilyn Armstrong-Reynolds of Essex County, a daughter of 1931-32 Waterford High School student George A. Armstrong, seen in the third  row, extreme left, Person 31-002.

The source photo was stored rolled for many years and had been folded in a previous attempt to unroll it. The photo also appears to have been taken with a shallow depth of field, and  wouldn't lay flat on the scanner, so some individuals appear in sharper focus than others, particularly in our enlargements. No serious attempt was made to fix these imperfections with photo editing software.

On 23 Jun 2007 Wayne Jackson of Ottawa, emailed us digital photos of his in-law's print of the original photograph. We used Wayne's photos as our source for alternative head and shoulder enlargements of some students.

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