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A lightly edited partial transcript of a page 1 item from the 
30 May 1918 Waterford Star newspaper.

Simcoe, May 25 -- Two members of the Ontario Railway and Municipal board were on Thursday holding sittings in the court room when the Norfolk County Telephone Company appealed to them for the right to raise their issue of capital stock from $48,000 to $86,000.

The president, Mr. J. B. Jackson of Simcoe; 
the secretary, Mr. T. D. Duncombe, and 
Mr. Alway of Waterford, presented the company's case. 
The manager, Mr. Forbes, was also in attendance.

A statement showing the assets to be $105,000 was entered. The company's earnings, consisting of double the amount of extra stock desired to be issued, has been put back into the business. The board reserved decision.

The Delhi people asked the board for a continuous service, which the company was desirous of giving. 
They asked that an order be made that Teeterville 
and Scotland be allowed continuous service, which 
will then bring the whole of the system into line, 
and it is expected that this order will be made.

There was also an application from the Windham company asking for the same service as the Norfolk company. This was settled between the companies, 
the Norfolk company getting $8 and the Windham $7, 
a total of $15, which is the same as being received by 
the former company.

The sittings lasted from 11 to 3,30, with an interval 
for luncheon.

J. B. Jackson

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