Etc. -- 1921 Census Enumerators
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An edited, abridged compiled transcription of a list of those selected in a page 1 article in the 
19 May 1921 issue of the Simcoe Reformer newspaper.

Census in Norfolk June 1st

Commencing on the first day of June, 54 enumerators under the jurisdiction of Dr. Arthur S. [sic] Burt, V.S., census commissioner for Norfolk, will visit every house in the county and obtain the names and a vast number of other particulars from every person domiciled in the county. This is part of the Dominion-wide census-taking which takes place from coast to coast every 10 years. Of the enumerators for this county, 34 are returned soldiers. They are:

R. Anderson -- Woodhouse 
Capt. C. F. W. Atkinson -- Port Rowan 
Harry Barnett -- Windham
W. H. Bartholomew -- Windham
Walter Bernard -- Delhi
Geo. Boughner -- Windham
C. Brady -- Simcoe
James Brayley -- North Walsingham 
Sandford Buckborough -- Windham
Lloyd Burgess -- Townsend
Thomas Clark -- Windham
Harry Coombs -- Townsend
Arthur Cross -- Simcoe
Evan Cross -- Townsend
Ward Cunningham -- Townsend
Frank B. Dedrick -- South Walsingham  
Geo. Duncan -- Townsend
Frank Ebert -- Middleton
Lee Fish -- Houghton
Ward Foster -- Townsend
Wyatt Goodlett -- Simcoe
William Haviland -- Windham
Chas. Jones -- Charlotteville
W. Jones -- Charlotteville
Geo. Kirkwood -- Woodhouse
George Lane -- South Walsingham
Percy Lang -- Windham
Chauncey Loucks -- Houghton
Bruce Lovell -- Middleton
E. D. Manning --Simcoe
Lawrence Martin -- South Walsingham
Frank Mason -- Charlotteville
Sidney McBride -- Woodhouse
Bruce McCall -- Charlotteville
Wm. McCord -- Houghton
Will McDowell -- North Walsingham 
Allen Pickersgill  -- North Walsingham 
E. A. Pratt --Middleton
L. Riddle -- Townsend
Lorne Roberts -- Woodhouse
C. C. Rokeby -- South Walsingham
S. Roswell -- Waterford
Geo. Sherk  -- North Walsingham 
Elwood Smith -- Charlotteville
W. Smith -- Middleton
Clarence Staley -- Charlotteville
Edward Swinn -- Middleton
R. Waddell -- Townsend
C. Wallace -- Townsend
Clarence Wark -- Simcoe
J. R Watt -- North Walsingham 
Roy Williams -- Houghton 
Clifford Wilson -- Charlotteville 
Norman Yelder -- Port Dover.

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