Etc. -- Esther (Abbott) Harding's 1921 obituaries (2 articles)
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A lightly edited transcription of a page 1 article in the 19 May 1921 Simcoe Reformer newspaper.

Mrs. S. H. Harding Killed
in Leap from Automobile

Mrs. S. H. Harding, wife of the editor of the Port Rowan News, was almost instantly killed near Forestville last Friday afternoon, when she dislocated her neck after jumping from a moving automobile.

The Reformer's Port Rowan correspondent writes:
The death of Mrs. S. H. Harding, which occurred so suddenly on the hill near Forestville, last Friday afternoon has cast a feeling of profound sorrow over  the village.

One hour before the accident happened, Mrs. Harding was working in her flower garden, when she agreed to go for a motor drive with Mrs. W. N. Buck and Mrs. O. R. Rockafeller.

They were returning home when the car stalled on the Forestville hill. Mrs. Rockerfeller, who was driving had full control was backing the car against the embankment on the side of the road, when both Mrs. Harding and Mrs. Buck jumped. Mrs. Harding's neck was dislocated in the fall and Mrs. Buck received minor injuries.

Mrs. Harding, before her marriage was Miss Esther Abbott, a daughter of of the late John Abbott, at one time editor of the Simcoe British Canadian.  Mrs. Harding was born in Simcoe and was 64 years old at the time of her death. When quite young, her parents moved to St. Mary's, Ontario, where she met Mr. Harding. 

Their only son, Lieut. A. H. Harding was killed in France. His name appears on the bronze tablet in St. John's Church.

Besides her husband, Mrs. Harding is survived by one brother, Dr. Frank Abbott of Sterling, Michigan, and one sister, Mrs. M. Kerr of St. Thomas.
The Rev. Mr. Eddy of Winons is a first cousin. 

In addition to those mentioned, many relatives of the family were present at the funeral on Monday, including Rev. Phillip Harding, R. Harding of London and Mrs. E. Hill of Burford, nee Mollie Haywood, an adopted daughter.

Mr. and Mrs. Harding settled in Port Rowan 20 years ago and purchased the press that at one time printed the now historic Spirit of the Age, owned and published by the late Colonel James Ryan.

Mr. Harding started to publish The News and Mrs. Harding's active assistance contributed in no small part to the success of the venture.

During the war she worked for every patriotic effort and she was actively connected with all work in St. John's Church.

Rev. H. Smith, rector of St. John's Church, officiated both at her late residence and at the grave. Interment took place in Bay View Cemetery.

As a result of Mrs. Harding's death The Port Rowan News will not go to press this week.  

A lightly edited transcription of a page 1 article in the 19 May 1921 Waterford Star newspaper.

Fatal Accident

Simcoe, 14 May 1921 -- Mr. S. H. Harding, wife of the editor and proprietor of the Port Rowan News, came to a sudden death about 
4 o'clock yesterday afternoon, while out driving with Mrs. D. N. Buck and Mrs. O. R. Rockefeller.

The auto stalled going up the Forestville Hill and the brake did not work. Mrs. Rockefeller backed the car into a bank at the side of the road and stopped it, assuring her guests there was no danger, during this operation her guests jumped from the car, Mrs. Harding falling and dislocating her neck and dying instantly.

Mrs. Harding has for many years assisted her husband in the editing 
of the News and was a writer of more than ordinary repute.

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