Etc. -- Mrs. Herbert Detweiler received
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A lightly edited partial transcription of the Items of Local Interest column on page 12 of the 
18 Dec 1919 issue of the Simcoe Reformer newspaper.

Mrs. Herbert Detweiler, formerly Velyian Williamson of Simcoe, a bride of last year, received for the first time, on Thursday in her new house in Regal Road.

Dancing, firelight, and brass bowls of bronze chrysanthemums made beautiful 
the library were Mrs. Detweiler received, wearing a French frock of blue georgette crepe, heavily beaded and with a knot of sweetheart roses in the girdle.

Mrs. T. O. Scott of Hamilton, and Mrs. Joseph Henderson, aunts of the bride, assisted in receiving the many people who called during the afternoon.

The tea table, lovely with Ophelia roses, was in charge of Mrs. F. N. G. Starn and Mrs. C. K. Clarke, who were later relieved by Mrs. V. F. Henderson and Mrs. Roscoe Graham, and their assistants were Miss Gladys Coxall, Miss Evelyn Henderson, Miss Clara Detweiler, Miss Dorothy Fortier and Miss Jean Brock. -- Toronto World.

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