Etc. -- J. Alex. Wallace chosen UFO's candidate
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An edited transcription of a page 6 of the 8 Jul 1920 issue of Simcoe Reformer newspaper. (Portions of source article omitted because parts of the source document were unreadable.)

Norfolk U.F.O.'s choose 
J. Alex. Wallace 
as federal candidate

The various U.F.O. Lodges of Norfolk County held a convention at Delhi on Saturday to name a candidate to contest the riding for the House of Commons at the next general election.

The following names were placed before the meeting:
Samuel Disbrow of Windham
W. E. Hambly of Townsend
W. J. Schuyler of Townsend
Frank Ryerson of Townsend
Mrs. Walter Buck of Port Rowan
W. E. Kelly, K.C., of Simcoe
J. T. Simmons of Middleton
Frank Cline of Townsend
Col. T. R. Atkinson of Simcoe
J. Alex. Wallace of Windham.

Of these, Messrs. Ryerson, Kelly, Simmons and Cline, withdrew.

A ballot having been taken up upon the remaining six, it was announced that Mr. Wallace was victor.

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