Etc. -- 1920 Teachers' Salaries
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A lightly edited page 1 article in the 17 Jun 1920 issue of the Simcoe Reformer newspaper. 


There are 112 public school teachers in the inspectorate of Norfolk. Between 60 and 65 of these teachers are quitting their present positions at the end of June.

At this date the two extreme rural school salaries are being paid in almost ajjoining sections: in Windham S. S. No. 9, is the lowest in the inspectorate with a salary of $550; S. S.  No. 6 (Woodland) is the highest with $990 per annum being paid to Miss Bertha T. Olds.

For next year there are some much better salaries in prospect. 
-- Miss Olive Abel remains for a third year in No. 8 Charlotteville at $850, an increase of $150 this year. 
-- Miss Jennie R. Sherriff is to be a second year at Guysboro in Houghton, at $900, which is $150 up on this year's salary.
-- Miss Ethel F. Wilkinson remains a third year in No. 3 Middleton, at $900, an increase  of $200 for next year.
-- Bloomsburg is to pay Miss Irene Smith $1,025 next year, $125 up on this year.
-- Miss Alberta Cruise moves from Tyrrell to No. 4 Townsend, for a $200 addition to her salary, $1,000.

One of the very few schools entitled to engage a third-class teacher has broken out of that class by engaging a first class certificate teacher at $800. Port Ryerse did the same thing three years ago, and has been engaging a second-class teacher continuously since.

Erie View keeps Miss Estella Leighfield a second year at $800.

No. 9 Woodhouse has made one of the big jumps, as has also No. 7 Woodhouse. Miss Beatrice Richardson received $250 more for next year, making her salary $950. At No. 7, Miss Myrtle Clouse is to receive $850 next year; this year's salary is $600.

The departmental circulars announcing the scale for legislative grants for the year just closing have not been distributed as yet.

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