Etc. -- Francis Austin Stearns' cemetery stone
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"Francis Austin Stearns Born May 16th 1845 Died Aug 24th 1901. 
Clara -- his wife Born June 29th 1845 Died Dec 19th 1898"
-- see enhanced photo enlargement
-- see 2013 enhanced text enlargement* [see note below]
Camera: Kodak DC220 
Cemetery stone photographed and transcribed at Bayview Cemetery, 127 Front Road, Port Rowan, 7 Apr 2002 by John Cardiff. 
[Compiler's Comment: Most of the stone was difficult to transcribe. Stone re-transcribed 21 May 2007 by John Cardiff. Photo enhanced for readability in PhotoShop Elements.]
-- also see our video of Bayview Cemetery 
* Compiler's Comment: On 8 Oct 2013 researcher Dorothy Uzan asked us to clarify Clara's death date. Extreme software modifications of a 2007 photo of this stone convinced us this still difficult to read date is 19 Dec 1898, not 15 or 16 Dec 1898 as previously stated by us and others.

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