Etc. -- Minnie (Smith) Bossinger's 1919 obituary (two articles)
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A lightly edited partial transcription of the Port Rowan column on page 2 of the 11 Dec 1919 issue of the Simcoe Reformer newspaper.

Mrs. Bossinger, wife of Mrs. W. Bossinger of Port Dover, who last week was visiting friends at Erieau, while skating fell through the ice into seven feet of water last Friday.

Every effort was made by her companion and others to save her, but to no avail, and life was extinct when the body was recovered some 30 minutes later.

Mrs. Bossinger before her marriage was Miss Minnie Smith, a daughter of William Smith of this village, and was born here 33 years ago. Her mains were brought here on Monday and taken to the home of her brother, Captain James Smith.

She is survived by husband, her father and also four brothers and four sisters:
James of Port Rowan, Oscar of Port Stanley,
Edwin and Frank of Erieau,
Isabel, Mrs. Emerson Brown of Port Rowan,
Elizabeth, Mrs. John Fritzley, and
May, Mrs. Ernest Hewson, of Erieau, and
Jenine, Mrs. Frank Payne of Port Stanley.

The funeral was held at the home on Tuesday and was conducted by the 
Rev. J. M. Smith. Interment took place in Bay View Cemetery.

[Compiler's Comment: Erieau is in Harwich Township, Kent County]

A lightly edited partial transcription of the Port Dover column on page 8 of the 11 Dec 1919 issue of the Simcoe Reformer newspaper.

Our resident learned with regret Saturday morning that Mrs. William Bossinger had drowned at The Eau the previous evening while skating.

At nearly as could be ascertained from the telephone message which gave the news of the accident, several of the Port Dover people who are at present sojourning at The Eau were our skating when the ice gave way and several of them were precipitated into the water, whence all, with the exception of Mrs. Bossinger, were rescued in time to recover from the effect of their immersion.


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