Etc. -- Simcoe Girl Shot?
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A lightly-edited transcription of a page 1 article in the 7 Aug 1919 issue of the Simcoe Reformer.  

Simcoe Girl Shot Down 
by her husband

Mrs. Manney, nee Taylor, Was Critically Wounded by Her Husband, 
Who Then Ended His Own Life 
-- Enraged by Wife's Divorce Suit.

A despatch to the Hamilton Herald from Plymouth, Mass. says:

"John A. Manney, 44, of St. Andrew's, N.B., recently a bartender at Providence, R.I., killed himself here today after shooting and probably fatally wounding his wife, Lillian J. Manney, 22, an unusually attractive young Canadian woman, who had been separated from him.

"Mrs. Manney, who was before her marriage, Lillian J. Taylor of Simcoe, Norfolk County, Ontario, where her father had extensive canning interests, is at the Jordan hospital in a most critical condition.

"Mrs. Manney was alone when a knock came on her door, and not fearing any harm, she opened it only to be confronted by her husband, revolver in hand.

"He immediately made a rush to get in. 
She used all her strength against the door to close it, but he pushed her aside and entered.

"Then screams which brought the whole neighborhood to the street, rang out. 
Soon two reports of a revolver were heard 
in quick succession.

"The girl, whith blood streaming from a wound in the side of her mouth and from another wound in her side, staggered down the back steps and ran to the home of Louis Goldstein, which was just across the yard.

"A foot away, her husband ran behind her and when she clutched the knob of Mrs. Goldstein's door, he fired a shot into his own breast, followed by a second into his head behind the ear. 

"He always claimed that this was the sole reason his wife was so anxious to come to the United States."


So far as The Reformer has been able to learn, no one by the name Taylor had extensive canning interests in this section, and it is supposed that the name has been confused in the transmission of the despatch.

[Compiler's Comment: Can you help us identify Lillian's parents? Until her identity is confirmed, we should acknowledge the possibility that the identity provided in the above article may be fiction]

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