Etc. -- Elgin "Tough" Rockefeller's 76th birthday
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The following lightly edited transcription is of a page 1 article in 
the 3 Jan 1955 issue of the Simcoe Reformer newspaper.
[Some paragraph breaks inserted by the transcriber]

"Tough" Rockefeller 
has 76th Birthday

Port Rowan: Elgin (Tough) Rockefeller quietly marked his 76th birthday on 26 Dec 1954 at his home on Centre Street, receiving cards, gifts and congratulations.

Born at Port Royal he was the elder son of Alexander Rockefeller and Amelia Cronk. When a small boy he moved to Cedar Springs and then to Port Rowan where he has since resided. He attended public and high school in Port Rowan.

During the First Great War he was employed at a 
shell factory in London and later transferred to 
Camp Borden. Until his retirement six years ago, 
he was engaged in the commercial fishing industry. 

He married Miss Muriel Winegarden of Brantford thirty-one years ago. He is an active member of the 
Port Rowan Canadian Legion and an adherent of 
the Port Rowan Baptist Church. 

His unflinching courage and knowledge of sailing craft resulted in the rescue of two boys from drowning 
in his younger days. Four boys, Hiram Wrightman, John Griggs, Lorne Smith and Nelson Cronk, ventured out in a sail boat on Port Rowan Bay in a wild duck shooting expedition in the fall of 1905. Due to the high wind the craft overturned.

From the pier Mr. Rockefeller heard their cries for help. He set out alone in the "Black Hawk" and saved Wrightman and Griggs. Cronk and Smith had become exhausted and let go by the time he reached them.

His bravery was recognized by the Royal Humane Society and he received an inscribed bronze medal which he prizes very highly.

Port Rowan citizens made up a purse of money and the late Hall Donly, editor of the Simcoe Reformer, made the presentation at a ceremony in the Baptist Church which was crowded to the doors.

A few years later, Mr. Rockefeller saved three Port Rowan men -- the late General C. S. Blacklock, 
Elmo Lymburner and J. A. Atkinson -- when their 
motor launch overturned in Little Rice Bay while 
duck shooting. 

He heard their cries for help and he and Richard Wardell went out in their boat to rescue them after night fell and rescued one at a time. They were barely able to cling to the overturned craft being numb from the cold. 

Mr. Rockefeller took them to his cabin and gave them hot drinks. 

He has two sisters, Mrs. Howard Cudney and Mrs. Lundy White, Port Rowan. A brother, Clyde, passed away a few years ago.

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