Etc. -- H. Webster Pursel's preferences challenged
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An edited transcription of a page 1 of the 8 Jul 1920 issue of Simcoe Reformer newspaper.

At Osgoode Hall

At Osgoode Hall, Toronto, on Monday, creditors of the late H. W. Pursel, a hotelkeeper who was in business at different times at Windsor, Forest and Simcoe, and who latterly lived Leamington, won an action whereby they sought to make available for the satisfaction of debts owing them funds which Pursel had deposited in a bank to the credit of his  wife; also a pair of horses he had given her, and certain property Mrs. Pursel partly paid for with money drawn on the bank.

Mr. Pursel had been in financial straits more than once, and his wife had loaned him money. In 1916 he was doing a big business over the bar at Simcoe, and between May and August of that year he had deposited $2,867 to the credit of wife.

It is held that he intended to give his wife a preference over his other creditors. Suit to recover against the cheques given to the wife was started by John Sutton, a Simcoe merchant, who had a default judgment against Pursel for $1,186.16.

Judgment: The deposit of cheques amounting to $762.90 made by H. W. Pursel in the Canadian Bank of Commerce at Simcoe to the credit of defendant Mary Pursel was fraudulent and against the plaintiff and other creditors of H. W. Pursel; that the interests of the defendant Mary Pursel in the property in the pleadings (viz., the house in Leamington, the motor car, the popcorn machine, and the moving picture business, as well as moneys paid into court to the credit of his action) are charged in favor of the plaintiff and other creditors to the extent of $762.90, together with interest on the amount of each cheque from the day it was deposited, which is to be computed at 5 per cent, and stated in the judgment. 

Defendant Mary Pursel to pay plaintiff's cost. Fifteen days' stay.

T. J. Agar for plaintiff; F. C. Kirby of Windsor for defendant.

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