Etc. -- Digby Phillips' 1919 obituary
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A lightly edited transcript of a page 1 article from 27 Nov 1919 the Simcoe Reformer newspaper. 


The following letter of condolence has been received by Mrs. Alberta Phillips, whose son died in Montreal on 19 Nov 1919, from the Burroughs organization, in whose employ he was at the time of his death:

"Death cast its shadow over the Burroughs family Wednesday evening, when it took from our midst our friend and fellow-worker, Digby Phillips.

"Word of Digby's death came as a distinct shock and decided grief to his host of friends, both in the Burroughs family and other fields of endeavor. Digby became ill Saturday morning and died Wednesday evening, the result of blood on the brain.

"A distinct sense of loss prevails throughout the entire district, which as a body, conveys to Mrs. Phillips and Digby's family its deep sympathy.

"Acquaintances automatically became friends, who knew him and loved him for his sterling worth, upright character and dependability. To further eulogize Digby would be superfluous. Ever a man's man -- we can but simply bow our heads in sincere grief."

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