Etc. -- Sarah Elizabeth (North) Merchant's 1920 obituary
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A lightly edited transcription of a page 12 article in the 6 May 1920 issue of the Simcoe Reformer.

Death of Former Simconian

Sarah Elizabeth North, wife of 
I. T. Merchant, died at Lincoln, Nebraska, on 24 Apr 1920.

She is survived by a husband, a son, two grandchildren, two brothers, Samuel of Omaha, Neb., and John of Waterford, and two sisters, Dr. Charlotte North of Toronto, and Mary North of Paris, Ontario.

Deceased lived with her parents for a number of years in Simcoe, when her father was the tenant of the Duncan Campbell farms, and received her education in the Simcoe Public and High Schools, and from which she graduated into the teaching profession.

Speaking of her, the paper of her home town, the Adams (Neb.) Globe, says:

"Mrs. Merchant had a wide circle of acquaintances; in fact was known to almost every one in the entire community. Those who came to know her well recognized her sterling qualities, her clear jugdement, her religious principles, and her fearless advocacy of measures which promoted the social, industrial and moral welfare of the nation.

"For a long time her health had not been very good and at times she was seriously ill, but her strong will power refused to give up. A few weeks ago her condition became so serious that she was taken to the Lincoln Sanitarium, where an immediate operation was performed for acute appendicitis. Her friends entertained some hope of recovery, but there was nos real improvement and the end came Saturday.

"The body was brought to the Adams home on Sunday. The funeral was sheld Tuesday afternoon, 27 Apr 1920, in the Methodist Church, of which she had been a member for many years, and was conducted by the pastors of the Methodist and Presbyterian Churches, and was largely attended. All places of business were closed during the time of the funeral and the beautiful floral tributes bespoke her wide popularity."

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