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A transcription of a page 1 article in the 1 Feb 1907 issue of the Simcoe Reformer newspaper. 
[Some paragraph breaks inserted by the transcriber] 

Willet G. Miller, Ontario's Geologist

An article with reference to Mr. Willet G. Miller, geologist of Ontario, has appeared in some of our newspapers, in which he is described as a former resident of Windham. That is a mistake. Walsingham is the township in which he resided. He is also called a nephew of our venerable townsman, Captain Miller. That is a mistake, he is the grandson of Simcoe's oldest resident.

Professor Miller is a fine type of Canadian manhood, physically and mentally, being six feet and a quarter in height, alert in intellect, active and energetic, courteous and graceful in manner.

A native of Norfolk county and a graduate of Toronto University, class of 1890 taking first-class honors in Natural Science, he has since then spent much time in public service. 

As a Fellow in mineralogy at the University, a field assistant with the Dominion geological survey, a lecturer, and later a Professor in Geology in the School of Mining in Kingston, he has done excellent work, gaining for himself an even widening reputation among scientific men.

To perfect himself in his favorite studies Professor Miller took post graduate courses at the University of Chicago, Harvard and Heidelburg, Germany. 

He has done valuable special work for the Provincial Bureau of Mines, and as Provincial geologist, he developed two unique minerals fields -- the Corundum fields in Eastern Ontario, and the famous Cobalt silver field -- from 1903 to the present time.

Until he went to the scene and examined the Cobalt region, no one had any conception of the importance of the discoveries he made, and which are being daily made of the amazing wealth, which there lies hidden.

Professor Miller has had many offers from syndicates and business enterprises, as a skillful expert, to enter their service, but though the prospect was thus open to him to enrich himself, his devotion to science and the public service was stronger than the enticements of riches and all such offers have been declined.

The country is fortunate in having such a man in its service, and his almost Centenarian grandfather must feel proud of such a grandson.

The Professor is a life member of the American Institute of Mining Engineers, and a Fellow of the Geological Society of America, and one of the Council of the Canadian Mining Institute.

Willet G. Miller

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