Etc. -- Two 1918 Mercel Deaths
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A transcription of a page 1 article in the 19 Dec 1918 Waterford Star.  
[Most paragraph breaks inserted by the transcriber.]

Jim Mercel of Windham Dead

Jim Mercel of Windham Centre died of the flu in the Hamilton Hospital on Tuesday morning. 

He had been working on the T. H. & B. and running into Hamilton for the week ends. He contracted the disease while on the road and died a few days after he was taken to the hospital. 

He was a son of Wm. Mercel of Windham.

The young man was of fine physique, and his untimely death cast a gloom over the entire community. Five months ago he was married, and now leaves his young widow to mourn the loss of a loving husband.

He also leaves a father and mother, two brothers and one sister. One of the brothers is in England with the Canadian forces.


Wm. Mercel died at the Hamilton Hospital on Friday last, from the flue [sic], just three days following the death of his brother James.

While the burial was being held on Friday afternoon a telegram was received stating Wm. was worse. The memorial service to follow was postponed and Mr. and Mrs. Mercel were hurriedly driven to catch the L. E. & N. for Hamilton.

The funeral was held on Monday at Windham. The church was filled with sympathizing friends at the memorial service which followed.

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