Etc. -- Matthew Martin's 1920 obituary
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A lightly edited partial transcription the Port Dover column on page 6 of the 27 May 1920 issue 
of the Simcoe Reformer newspaper.


Thursday, 6 May 1920, Matthew Martin passed away at a ripe old age.

Deceased was working on Tuesday. 
On arising at an early hour on Wednesday, he fell against a dresser so heavily that four of his ribs were broken. He succumbed to the effects of his injuries at a late hour Thursday evening.

Mr. Martin was born in 1828, near Glastonbury, Somersetshire, England. Three years later the father, Jeremiah, brought his family to Canada. They landed at Montreal and made their way to Niagara by lighter boat.

Leaving his family at Niagara, the father made his way to Simcoe and after securing employment in a sawmill there, sent for his family to rejoin him.

Later they moved to a farm near Selkirk, where a family of three boys, Matthew, James and John, and three girls, Jane, Mary and Elizabeth, were brought up. 
John was for many years a blacksmith in Brantford. James, the sole surviving member of the family, resides at Selkirk.

At a youthful age, the late Mr. Martin learned the carpentering trade and followed it for several years. Later he kept tavern in Cheapside and still later was proprietor of the Norfolk House in this village for a period of five years.

He again returned to his trade and followed it for many years, leaving behind him mute witnesses of his skill in his chosen vocation.

In 1857 he married Anne Barns of Walpole Township, who predeceased him in 1911. Their family of two girls and six boys all lived to maturity. Eber, the eldest son, died in Chicago in 1918. Annie, who became the wife of Samuel Waddle, died in Janesville, Wisconsin, in 1907.

Deceased is survived by William and Angus of Chicago, George of Philadelphia, John of Toronto, and Omar and May at home.

Mr. Martin was a staunch Conservative in politics and in religion an Episcopalian. Quietly and unassumingly and rendering to every man his due, deceased pursued the even tenor of his way till his summons came to join the loved ones who had passed on before.

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