Etc. -- Lieut. George Ritchie Lane's reception
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A lightly edited partial transcription of the St. Williams column on page 3 of the 14 Aug 1919 issue of the Simcoe Reformer newspaper.

Our brave boys who were at the front have been returning one after another until soon all will be home again.

The last one to receive a welcome was Lieut. Rickie Lane, who arrived about a week ago, and on Monday evening he was given a reception at his old home on the Reforestry Farm, which showed by the great number who were present the respect the people of this community have for himself and his mother and sisters. We all know the welcome we have received at the home of Mrs. Lane, and last Monday night's proved equal to any that had preceded it.

It is supposed that over 100 people were present and enjoyed the games and conversation for a while, after which the Rev. J. M. Smith, in a well-worded address, mentioned the part Lieut. Lane had taken in the war, and thanked the Almighty for bringing him back safely to us again, and then presented him with a small sum of money. The excellent lunch which had been provided by the ladies was then passed around and enjoyed by all.

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