Etc. -- Frank Lafortune & Mary E. Lake wed 50 years
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An edited transcription of a page 1 article published in the 7 Mar 1929 SWaterford Star.
[Some paragraph breaks inserted by the transcriber.]

Simcoe Couple are Fifty Years Wedded

Simcoe, March 1. -- Mr. and Mrs. Frank Lafortune are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary today at their home, corner of Culver and Sydenham streets. Francis Lafortune and Mary Elizabeth Lake were married at the home of John Overbaugh by Elder Tredale, of the Baptist church 50 years ago. 

After four years' residence in Port Rowan, they came to Simcoe in 1883. Here Mr. Lafortune conducted till a few years ago a livery and feed stable at the rear of the Norfolk House.

Of their 10 children, three sons and three daughters survive: Lafayette, John and Francis, Mrs. Thomas Taylor (Ida) of Tillsonburg, Mrs. J. Draper (Mary J.) and Mrs. Edward Robinson (Sarah E.) of Detroit. There are 15 grandchildren.

Both Mr. and Mrs. Lafortune are in good health and a big family reunion is pend-ing. Simconians in general will join in congratulating Mr. and Mrs. Lafortune on the advent of a day which comes to but a small percentage of those who stand before the marriage alter.

Both families have a record for longevity. Mr. Lafortune's father Colin Lafortune lived to the age of 102, his uncle Fred, brother of Colin, lived to be 106 years old. In speaking of the ages of his brothers, Colin stated to the writer in an interview a year or two before his death, that one brother died young, "he just had 94 years."

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