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A transcription of a pages 1 and  8 article published in the 4 Jan 1941 Simcoe Reformer.  
[Some paragraph breaks inserted by the transcriber. Source document very difficult to read, transcribe]

Oldest Norfolk Resident
Passed Away Thursday

Norfolk County's oldest resident, William John Kerrigan, who resided three miles southeast of Langton, passed away Friday morning at his home following two months illness. He was in his 106th year, having marking his 105th birthday on 11 Jul last year.

Born in [Kathintiltish] Scotland, he decided to come to America to make his fortune when he was 14 years of age. He landed at New York and after a few months he came to Canada.

For more than a year he worked at a foundry at Dundas and then came to Norfolk County and started to work for pioneer families in the Langton district. By the time he reached 30 years of age he had saved enough that he purchased the farm on which he died. The farm was [.... ......] and comprised about 199 acres. The late Mr Kerrigan farmed all his life [..... ..... ........ ... ........ .... .... ..... .. ..... .......... ......].

For many years the only road by the farm from Lngton was a wagon trail and it was not for many years after he brought the farm that the present concession road was opened.

Despite his advanced years, Mr. Kerrigan had a remarkable memory and could recall many historical facts regarding Norfolk County. He was wel; acquainted with William Mercer Wilson who was the first County Judge whom he knew personally and who later became the First Grand Master of Masonic Lodge in Canada in Ontario. 

He also could recall the construction of the South Norfolk Railway from Simcoe to Port Rowan in the late 1880's, which resulted in Walsingham Township being divided into two townships, North Walsingham and South Walsingham, when residents in the north did not feel they should pay part of any subsidy by the township to the railway.

Until he became ill two months ago, Mr. Kerrigan enjoyed comparatively good health and though he was slightly hard of hearing, he could read newspaper headlines without the aid of glasses.

Many years ago he married Jane McKillen who passed away in 1901. He is survived by one son, Percy, who resided with him.

The funeral service was held on Saturday from Carholme United Church with interment in Carholme United Cemetery,

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