Etc. -- Henry Johnson: 33 years Deputy Registrar
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A lightly edited page 1 article from the 24 Jul 1919 Simcoe Reformer.

33 Years Deputy Registrar

Peace Day was a fitting time for a holiday for Mr. Henry Johnson, who the day previous had completed 33 years service as Deputy-Registrar for the County of Norfolk.

Mr. Johnson held office under the late 
A. J. Donly and the late W. E. Tisdale, and is now serving time with W. M. McGuire -- three of Norfolk's five registrars.

During the terms of office of the late Thos. and Francis L. Walsh, the two previous registrars, and up to the time Mr. Johnson lifted the engrossing pen, 66,102 instruments were registered, since then 72,687, and the outlook bids fair for the completion of 100,000.

 "Great changes have taken place in the past few years," said Mr. Johnson, "and the office has practically been turned upside down.

"If the first three registrars could only step in now, they wouldn't think they were in the registry office.

"I used to have to hunt through old boxes filled with instruments to find what I wanted, and it took some time, too.

"Now everything is done on a typewriter and filed away in cabinets, alphabetically arranged, and I can find what I want in a few seconds.

"Yes, we have a system that is complete and the office has been turned upside down alright."

Henry S. Johnson

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