Etc. -- Francis Hurt's 1920 obituary
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A lightly edited transcription of a page 12 article in the 8 Apr 1920 issue of the Simcoe Reformer.

Death of Francis Hurt

The death occurred at the home of his son in Sandwich last Thursday afternoon,  
1 Apr 1920, of Francis Hurt, one of the best known residents of the Border Cities.

The late Mr. Hurt was a pioneer of the Great Western railway, now known as the Grand Trunk, and had lived in Sandwich for over a quarter of a century. He formerly conducted a dairy business in Sandwich, but retired two years ago.

He was a member of the Sandwich Board of Education a number of years ago and in 1900 was chairman of the board.

He is survived by one son, Russel Hurt of Sandwich, and two daughters, one residing in the United States and Mrs. Ferguson of London.

Deceased was a brother of the late Mrs. Mary Garland, and uncle of Mrs. Wm. C. Everett, Mrs. John Carvell and John and Harry Garland, all of Simcoe, and Mrs. Chas. Powell of Windsor.

He was well known to many Simconians, and was several years ago in the ice business here.

Mr. and Mrs. John Carvell were present at the funeral, held last Saturday.

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