Etc. -- M. M. Dillon weds Muriel Talbot Hicks
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A lightly edited transcript of a page 1 article from the 9 Oct 1919 issue of the Simcoe Reformer.

A Brilliant Autumn Wedding

On Saturday, 4 Oct 1919, Trinity Church, at the hour of noon, was the centre of attraction for many Simconians. For at that time and place was solemnized the marriage of  two young people, who have spent their lives in this community and are general favorites.

The contracting parties were Captain M. M. Dillon, M.C., a Port Dover boy, now an architect on the staff of the Secord firm of contractors in Brantford, and Miss Muriel Talbot Hicks, only child of the late Canon Hicks and Mrs. Hicks of Simcoe.

The ceremony was performed in the presence of a church filled by many guests and spectators, and brightened with artistically arranged flowers and autumn foliage, by the Right Reverend J. C. Farthing, D.D., Lord Bishop of Montreal, an intimate friend of the bride's father. Bishop Farthing was assisted by Rev. A. B. Farney, rector of the church.

The bride was attended by Miss Clare Campbell of Toronto, as bridesmaid. Dr. Wilcox of Brantford performed the duties of best man for Captain Dillon. 
T. R. Slaght, K.C., escorted the bride, charming in a travelling suit of grey, smartly set off with beautiful flowers, to the altar, where she was given away by her mother.

Professor Jordan of Brantford presided at the organ. 
The ushers were Capt. H. L. Selby, Lieut. Leslie Foot [sic], Capt. Geo. Curtis, and Sergt. Perry McKay.

After the ceremony there was a reception, with delicious refreshments, at the home of Mrs. Hicks on Lynnwood Avenue.

Among the guests were the following from out of town: 
Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Dillon and Miss Dillon of London; 
Capt. and Mrs. Arnold Dillon of London; 
Miss Morgan of Port Dover; 
Mrs. Delahook, Miss Haskett of London; 
Miss Joan Ansley of Toronto; 
Mrs. Hayes, Miss Nora Hayes, Mrs. Bleistein of Buffalo; 
Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Powell of Brantford; 
Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Jackson of Hamilton; 
Mrs. Arthur G. Slaght of Toronto.

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