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The follow is not a transcription, but our re-telling of the story told in an article on page 3 of the 30 Oct 1919 issue of the Simcoe Reformer.
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Triple Tragedy at Port Dover

Port Dover's Heroic Captain

Captain John A. Macaulay, attempted to save three little lads from Lake Erie's icy waters last February.

John "Jackie" West, born 30 Mar 1911, was the first little lad to break through the ice, which had formed over what had been open water the day before.

His brother, Charles Edward "Teddie" West, born 18 Mar 1908, went to his brother Jackie's assistance, but could not get him out.

John Wilfred Miller, born 6 Oct 1908, plunged in to render assistance, while Lindsay Gunton tried to attract the attention of some adult by calling out as loudly as possible.

Captain Macaulay was honored by the citizens of Port Dover in Powell Park, Thursday evening, 2 Oct 1919, for his courageous deed in attempting to rescue the two sons of Mr. and Mrs. E. West and the youngest son of Mrs. R. Miller, after they had broken through the treacherous ice on Lake Erie, Monday afternoon, 10 Feb 1919.

The parchment awarded by the Royal Humane Society was presented to Captain Macaulay by Captain Robinson. The document reads in part:
The Committee of Awards, having considered and reported thereon, the Royal Canadian Humane Association has unanimously resolved that Captain John A. Macaulay is justly entitled to this Honorary Testimonial of the Association, awarded for promptitude and courage in the rescue of the bodies of Charles E. West, John G. West and John Miller from the waters of Lake Erie, 10 Feb 1919.


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