Etc. -- John A. Gunton wed Carlesta P. Wilson
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A lightly edited page 1 article in the 4 Sep 1919 issue of the Simcoe Reformer newspaper. 

Married in Toronto

John A. Gunton, MA, of Urbana University, Ill., eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Gunton of Simcoe, and Miss Carlesta Pearl Wilson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Carl C. Wilson of Vittoria, were married at 3 o'clock on Tuesday afternoon at the Chapel of McMaster University, Toronto, by the Rev. H. S. Bennett of Vittoria.

The bride wore her traveling costume and was unattended. The wedding march was played by Delbert Piette of Toronto. A dainty wedding dinner was served at the King Edward Hotel in a private dining room to the guests. One the immediate friends were present.

After a honeymoon trip spent at eastern points and in Simcoe and vicinity, Mr. and Mrs. Gunton will take up their residence at Urbana, Illinois.


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