Etc. -- Minerva Ellis (Gordon) Crosbie's 1943 obituary
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A lightly edited transcription of a page 3 article in the 14 Jun 1943 issue of the Simcoe Reformer.

Mrs. C. A. Crosbie

On Thursday, 3 Jun 1943, there passed away at her home, 1503 Angus Drive, Vancouver, B.C., Mrs. Minerva Ellis Crosbie, widow of Charles A. Crosbie, formerly supervisor of the Royal Bank at Vancouver, and previously head accountant of the Canadian Bank of Commerce at Simcoe.

Her demise follows closely upon that of her husband who passed away in March of this year.

Mrs. Crosbie was a daughter of the late Frank Gordon, partner in the firm of Gordon and Ellis, for many years popular hardware merchants in Simcoe.

The hardware store of Gordon and Ellis was housed in a building built by Duncan Campbell on the site now occupied by the furniture store of W. W. Walsh and Son and the hardware store of H. H. Prelipp.

The hardware businesss here was first conducted by Mr. Hebblewhite, who sold out to Frank Gordon and A. D. Ellis, from whom, after many years, it was taken over by Charles E. Boyd. In 1921 it was taken over by William Davidson, who, two years later, disposed of it to the present proprietor, H. F. Prelipp.

To Mr. and Mrs. Frank Gordon were born three daughters of whom the late Mrs. C. A. Crosbie was the eldest. One daughter, Miss Louise Gordon of Vancouver, survives.

During their residence in Simcoe Mr. and Mrs. Crosbie formed a wide circle of friends and will be mourned by those of that circle who survive.

They were deeply attached to one another, and the shock of her husband's death left Mrs. Crosbie in a weakened condition. In this condition she contracted pneumonia, which found her with insufficient strength to battle with it, and her death was finally due to heart failure.

The funeral took place last Monday and was conducted by the Rev. Elbert Paul, D.D., and interment was made in Ocean View Burial Park, Vancouver.

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