Etc. -- Katie Garland's 1880 obituary
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A lightly edited partial transcription of the Local News column on page 3 of the 6 Aug 1880 issue of the Norfolk Reformer newspaper.

Local News

It is with feelings of regret that we chronicle this week the death by drowning of Katie, youngest daughter of Mrs. Garland of this town, which occurred at Dundas, where the little one had been visiting for a short time, on Monday last.

About three o'clock in the afternoon the deceased and another little girl, of about her own age, were playing near Harvey's mill-dam, when Katie fell in near the gate, while in the act of throwing a stick to a dog which was in the water.

Her companion immediately ran for assistance, but which was too late in arriving to be of any service in saving her life. She was taken out of the water in about 15 minutes from the time she fell in, but all attempts at resusciation were without avail.

The body was brought to Simcoe on Thursday, and on Wednesday afternoon was conveyed to Oakwood Cemetery by a large number of friends and deposited in the family burying plot.

We are sure Mrs. Garland, the widowed mother of the deceased, has the sympathy of the whole community in this very sad bereavement.

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