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A lightly edited transcription of a page 1 article in the 15 Jun 1916 issue of the Simcoe Reformer.


Whose Forthcoming Retirement From the Pastorate of St. Paul's Presbyterian Church, Simcoe, was Announced Recently

Marking the retirement of Dr. Dey, announced by him to the officers of the church two weeks ago, Mr. Frank Reid, a prominent official of St. Paul's, has been kind enough to furnish the Reformer with this short appreciation of Dr. Dey's work here.

It is with feelings of deep regret and sympathy that the members and adherents of St. Paul's Presbyterian Church, Simcoe, have learned that through physical infirmities our beloved pastor, Rev. W. J. Dey, M.A., D.D., has been compelled to give up the active duties of the ministry and the pastorate of St. Paul's Church.

Dr. Dey has been a minister of the Presbyterian Church for over 40 years. His first charge was at Spencerville, in the County of Grenville. He was inducted as pastor of St. Paul's Church, Simcoe, in January 1890, coming from Erskine Church, in the City of Hamilton, on the unanimous invitation of the congregation.

He found us few in number, there being only a little over 100 members at the time. There was a mortgage indebtedness on the church property of $1,500. Within a very few years, through the influence and efforts of Dr. Dey, the debt was paid and the mortgage was discharged.

The history of the congregation since Dr. Dey's induction has been one of constant, steady growth, not on in numbers, but in grace and good works. The present membership is over 350. Under his sound gospel preaching, the missionary givings of the congregation have increased manifold.

Dr. Dey has always taken an advanced position in the cause of temperance and under his leadership a very strong temperance sentiment has grown up in the congregation, which has made its impression on the community.

For over 26 years Dr. Dey has ministered faithfully to his congregation and has been a devoted pastor. His ministrations in time of sorrow and consolation to the hearts of many of his congregation and will long be remembered by not a few.

He has married our young people and baptized our children until a congregation has grown up that knew no other pastor.

He has taken an active part in the work of the church as a whole, both in Presbytery, Synod, and General Assembly. For a number of years he has been chairman of the Hymnal Committee of the General Assembly and has by his efforts added materially to the hymnology of the church.

Dr. Dey has always taken an active interest in all public questions for the betterment and moral uplift of the community and by his consistent Christian life and conduct has gained the respect and esteem of not only his own people but the public generally.

Through his efforts the most friendly feeling of Christian brotherhood and fellowship has grown up with the other religious denominations in the town and the strong feelings of sect have to a large extent disappeared.

Dr. Dey, while not considered a pulpit orator, has always faithfully preached the pure gospel of Christ to the salvation of many souls. Evangelistic and missionary spirit he has been instrumental in developing a like spirit in his congregation.

In all the years of his pastorate Dr. Dey has been ably assisted by his esteemed wife, who has so faithfully and diligently discharged all the duties of the ideal pastor's wife.

It is the sincere wish of the congregation, and all his friends, and they are numerous, that a complete rest from pastoral duties and responsibilities may restore him to physical health again, and that his life may long be spared to enjoy the blessings and comforts of a well-spent life until his Master shall call him home with the "Well done, thou good and faithful servant."

Dr. W. J. Dey

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