Etc. -- Squire John Beemer's 90th birthday
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A lightly edited page 1 article in the 4 Sep 1919 issue of the Simcoe Reformer newspaper. 


Nearly everyone who has resided in Simcoe and vicinity for any length of time will readily recognize the accompanying portrait as that of Uncle John Beemer of Colborne. He is also quite generally known as Squire John Beemer.

Last Saturday, 30 Aug 1919, Squire Beemer arrived at his 90th birthday, having entered upon his 91st year. He was born on 30 Aug 1829, in the same house in which he now lives, and has been a constant member of that home for the entire 90 years.

The squire has always enjoyed the confidence and esteem of those who kknew him best, and has served his fellow citizens in a number of important offices. He was for a number of years school board trustee in his section. He was license commissioner and justice of the peace for many years.

His public service was probably most prominent as police magistrate for the town of Simcoe, which position he filled with ability and dignity for 20 years.

Harry Beemer of Colborne is his only living child, and is almost a counterpoint of his father. Although the Squire had three brothers and one sister, yet he has but one first cousin living, and that one is Miss Melinda O'Carr of Simcoe.

Squire Beemer is a Methodist in religion and has been a member of that church for 65 years. As a social character he has few if any superiors. Affability, hospitality and kindliness of disposition are prominent traits of his character. He is the very opposite of a grouch.

On his 90th birthday a number of his relatives, friends and neighbors were invited to his home in honor of the occasion, the writer being among the number. Of course we responded and found the Squire and his companion in comparatively good health and spirits, and they did everything possible for the comfort and happiness of their guests. Those few hours of sociability and conviviality will be ever remembered as among the brightest and happiest hours of the writer's life. 
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John Beemer

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