Etc. -- Inquest into the death of Ira O. A. Beemer
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A lightly-edited transcription of a page 1 article in the 7 Aug 1919 issue of the Simcoe Reformer.  

Jury Returns Verdict

After a three-and-ahalf-hour session, which began at 3 o'clock p.m. last Friday, the jury empaneled [sic] to enquire into the death of the last Ira O. A. Beemer, which occurred on Thursday, 24 Jul 1919 at the Metcalfe Street railway crossing, returned the following verdict:

"That the said Ira O. A. Beemer came to his death while attempting to uncouple cars while the train was in motion, 
and that the said Ira O. A. Beemer stepped in between the cars while they were in motion, which is contrary to the rules of the company.
That on this day the train crew was making the necessary switch or shunt without any order from the conductor and with no one in charge.

"We find that the train crew does not understand rule 108, page 33, of the Railway Rule Book;
That the said company is negligent in not having it employees understand this rule, and enforce same.

"We strongly recommend that all crews be provided with two first aid outfits, one to be carried on the engine and one in the caboose."

It was brought out during the examination that another brakeman gave the signal to the engineer to stop as soon as he saw Beemer go in between the cars;
that Beemer had run about two car lengths before he tripped on the crossing planking, and
that the train stopped before a second wheel passed over his limbs.
The train was moving between four and five miles an hour at the time.

T. R. Slaght, K.C., represented the crown, and the railway company had a legal representative present. Liston Kirkwood, father-in-law of the deceased was present, and Ald. H. R. Crabb was foreman of the jury.

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