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A lightly edited partial transcription of the Port Rowan column on page 3 of the 21 Aug 1919 issue 
of the Simcoe Reformer newspaper. 

Word was received here on Monday 
[18 Aug 1919] of the death of A. H. Backus, which took place at Alymer that morning.

It was known here that Mr. Backus had been in failing health, but the news of his death caused surprise and sincere regret to a very large number of people, by whom he was held in high esteem.

It is expected that the remains will be brought here for interment.

A lightly edited page 5 article in the 21 Aug 1919 issue of the Simcoe Reformer newspaper. 

A. H. Backus, Leading Aylmer Citizen and Barrister, Dies

Former Mayor of Town
Ill only a short time with Cancer
Practiced Law in Aylmer since 1883
A Prominent Anglican

Aylmer, 18 Aug -- Albert Hamilton Backus, barrister-at-law of this place, died at his home, "Greenwoods," this morning after a short illness of cancer.

Mr. Backus was one of the most prominent and most highly respected residents of Aylmer. 

Born 68 years ago near Port Rowan, where he received his early education, he studied law at Simcoe, with H. A. Hardy, county crown attorney, and with the firm of Tisdale & Livingstone.

Later he proceeded to Toronto, and after being called to the bar came to Aylmer in May 1886 and began the practice off his profession. 

He was joined by A. E. Miller, and the firm was known as Miller & Backus. This partnership was continued right up to the time of Mr. Backus' death, making the firm the oldest in Canada in which there had been no change in personnel of the firm.

Mr. Backus had filled many offices of a public nature. For 12 years after coming to Aylmer, he served on the public school board; he was a member of the high school board many years; was on the town council for 10 years, and served a term as mayor.

He was a leading member of the Anglican Church, and for years had been one of the leading laymen at meetings of the synod.

Deceased is survived by his wife, 
Dr. Annie Backus.

George S. Backus of Boston, president of the American Type Founders of the United States and Mexico, is a brother, and 
Mrs. R. W. Nelson is a sister.

A lightly edited page 11 article in the 2 Oct 1919 issue of the Simcoe Reformer newspaper. 

The Late A. H. Backus 

In the September number of the Independent Forester, the mouth-piece of the Independent Order of Foresters, occurs the following obituary of the late A. H. Backus of Aylmer. It can be said by all that knew him best that every word is true:

"We note with keen regret the passing of that fine gentleman and true Forester, Brother A. H. Backus, K.C., P.H.C.R. of Ontario, and for many years a member of the Supreme Court.

"Our esteemed brother finished life's journey on the morning of 18 Aug 1919. The suffering that he was called to undergo for some time prior to his death he bore with fine Christian fortitude.

"Writing to an intimate friend with a knowledge of his approaching end he says: 'I can only say I am enjoying my life just as much and as fully as ever I did any portion of it in my more robust days, and I have no complaints whatever. I look forward to the end with perfect tranquility, comfort and satisfaction and have no regrets.'

"Those who knew Brother Backus at all intimately will regard his death as a personal loss. He was one of those men whose good fortune it was to make many friends, and but few, if any, enemies. To his life's work he brought fine ability and a high sense of duty. His faith in and devotion to the Order was constant through the long years of his membership.

"We extend our heartfelt sympathy to his bereaved family."

A lightly edited page 4 article in the 27 May 1920 issue of the Simcoe Reformer newspaper. 


Alymer, 14 May 1920 -- Following is the text of the resolution of regret at the death of the late A. H. Backus of this town, passed at the recent session of the Synod of the Diocese of Huron of the Church of England in Canada:

"That this Synod learns with profound regret of the death of an old and valued member in the person of Mr. Albert Hamilton Backus of Aylmer, Ontario, barrister at law. 

"Mr. Backus was born in Norfolk County and first studied law with A. J. Hardy, County Crown Attorney of Norfolk, and later with the Hon. David Tisdale of Norfolk, and afterwards in Toronto.

"In 1883 he moved to Aylmer and entered into partnership with E. A. Miller, the firm name being Miller & Backus, which up to the time of Mr. Backus' death was the oldest firm in Canada in which no change of personnel had occurred.

"Mr. Backus served for many years on the public and high school boards, was a member of the town council for 10 years, and was mayor of Aylmer. He was known as a careful and reliable lawyer and for many years enjoyed an extensive practice throughout the County of Elgin.

"He was warmly attached to the Church of England and his services to the Church and  to his Synod were very valuable. He was indefatigable in his Synod and Diocesan work and his sound common sense and keen business ability were ever at the service of his Bishop and the Synod, by whom  they were warmly appreciated."

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