Etc. -- Clarence Appleton killed, others hurt
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A lightly-edited transcription of a page 1 article in the 7 Aug 1919 issue of the Simcoe Reformer.  

Fatal Motor Accident east of Dunnville  

Driver Clarence Appleton Killed,
Three Others Injuried,
Miraculous Escape from Death 
of the Entire Party.


Clarence Appleton of Waterford 
Returned soldier of two months
neck broken; instantly killed.


Miss Muriel Roberts of Woodhouse
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. H. Roberts
fractured skull and scalp wound.

Miss Florence Franklin of Simcoe
daughter of Mrs. Hope Franklin, Lynnwood Avenue, home from McMaster University
back badly hurt and other bruises

Miss Ida Fairgrieve of Hamilton
visiting Miss Roberts, attended Thursday's 
Golf and Country Club dance
nose broken and minor bruises

Shaken Up

Patterson Innes of Simcoe
son of Hugh P. Innes, K.C. and Mrs. Innes.

Loder Green of Waterford
chum of Clarence Appleton
lately returned from overseas

A very small rut on the side of a perfectly smooth running country road about six miles east of Dunnville, and a McLaughlin touring car driven by a rather inexperienced driver, resulted about noon on Saturday in the death of the driver, Clarence Appleton of Waterford, and the injury of three other people, all but one from Norfolk County.

The party was on its way to Welland to pick up Miss Hazel Roberts, to bring her home to Simcoe for the week-end, and was proceeding along the county road towards Welland when the trouble occurred.

At the time of the accident, Appleton was driving the car, at a fairly moderate pace, considering the splendid condition of the road, have just a few minutes previous relieved Miss Roberts at the wheel.

He apparently tried to get out of a small rut, in which he found himself, at the side of the road, and in a twinkling the car landed in an 18-inch gutter.

It is supposed he immediately endeavored to regain the road and in doing so the car turned turtle and rolled over at least twice.

The escape from death of the entire party is regarded as miraculous, as on the front wheels of the car remain intact.

Appleton died almost instantly and before the arrival of a doctor, who was on the scene in 15 minutes, never regaining consciousness.

The injured one were carried into nearby farmhouses and later removed to the Dunnville Emergency Hospital.

Mayor Edgecombe of Dunnville happened to be driving behind the wrecked car and helped take the injured to hospital.

The accident is hard to account for, save on the ground of Appleton's inexperience, as the car was not being driven at a high rate of speed.

The parents of the Simcoe young people left immediately by motor for Dunnville upon being notified of the accident.

Clarence Appleton was a bright young fellow about 20 years of age. He had served overseas with the artillery for two years and came back unscathed.

He had just completed the documents which would give him, at Guelph, and under government direction, a course in music, of which he was very fond.

He leaves to mourn their sad loss, three brothers: Fred of Alberta, Arthur of Galt, and Edward of Buffalo, and aged grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. John Renner, to whom these four boys were as their own children, for  they were left orphans when Clarence was a mere baby, and the grandparents had brought them all up.

The body of the deceased arrived in Waterford on Sunday. Interment took place in the family plot at Greenwood Cemetery yesterday.

Later reports as to the condition of the injured are favorable. Miss Roberts is progressing as well as can be expected; Miss Franklin was brought to the home of her mother on Lynnwood Avenue on Tuesday, and Miss Fairgreive is at the home of  Mr. and Mrs. Roberts.

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