Etc. -- Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Abbott's 1920 obituaries
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A lightly edited partial transcription of the Port Dover column on page 6 of the 15 Apr 1920 issue of the Simcoe Reformer newspaper.

Port Dover

Thomas Abbott, who passed away Saturday, 27 Mar 1920 at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Alex. Simpson, was born in the Township of Walpole and resided there till 21 years ago, when he came to Woodhouse Township, where he spent the reminder of his life.

Deceased was an adherent of the Methodist Church. He had been an Orangeman for 40 years.

He leaves a brother, William of Port Dover; four daughters, Mrs. J. Mason of Marburg, 
Mrs. A. Simpson and 
Mrs. B. Long of Port Dover, 
Mrs. J. Wakely of Brantford, and 
two sons, Mont and George, of Brantford. One son Dawson, died in France a year ago last November.

Seldom does it fall to the loot of this column to chronicle the passing of both parents with less than a fortnight, but the demise of Elizabeth Weiderick, relict of Thomas Abbott, Tuesday, 6 Apr 1920, at the home of her daughter, Mrs. B. Long, after a serious illness, borne with Christian fortitude, devolves that duty upon us.

Mrs. Abbott was born in Rainham Township and resided in that vicinity until her mariage in 1877.

Besides her children, she leaves four sisters, Mrs. W. Stringer of Buffalo, 
Mrs. John Bowman of Winnipeg, 
Mrs. Wm. Bowman of Chinook, Alta., and 
Mrs. Charles Owens of Everett, Michigan.

Deceased was an adherent of the Methodist Church.

Mr. and Mrs. Abbott were well known in the village and their demise is genuinely regretted, while the sympathy of the community goes out to the surviving members of their family, who have been bereft of kind and loving parents.

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