Etc. -- 1950 Simcoe Elementary School Teachers
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An lightly edited transcription of a page 1 article in the 10 Jul 1950 issue of the Simcoe Reformer

School Staffs are Complete

Trustee Mrs. R. J. Packard, chairman of the management committee of the Simcoe Public School Board, at the July meeting on Thursday evening, announced that all teaching positions had been filled for the three schools.

North School: Leslie Fairbairn, principal, 
Richard Neale, Mrs. Grace Durward, 
Miss May Gilbertson, Mrs. Audrey Pond, 
Miss Doris Burns, Miss Wilma Fewster, 
Mrs. Helena Campbell, Miss Elma Masson,
Mrs. Muriel Bauslaugh.

South School: W. E. Sparks, principal, Harold Garton, Miss Rhea Minshall, 
Miss Bertha McKnight, Miss Grace Lewis, Mrs. Jessie Reeves, Miss Elin Schuyler, Mrs. Margaret Neale, Miss Jean Shaw, 
Miss Ellen Crafts.

Elgin Avenue School: George L. Campbell, principal, Howard Clark, V. G. Tanner. Miss Margaret Durward, Miss Elizabeth Reid, Miss June Stratton, Mrs. Olive Beckett, Mrs. Hazel Farr, Miss Jeanine Hurling, Mrs. Florence Simpson. 

New teachers for the 1950-51 term include Mrs. Durward and Miss Fewster at the North School, Miss Shaw at the South School, and Howard Clark, Miss Stratton and Mrs. Simpson at the Elgin Avenue School.

Miss Durward and Miss Reid are transferred from the North School to Elgin Avenue School and Miss Hurling from the South School. 

Mrs. Bauslaugh, who has been teaching in the one room school in Wellington Heights, which has now been closed, goes to the North School.


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