Etc. -- 1920 Charlotteville Township Officers
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The following is not a transcription. It is an alphabetically sequenced list of those appointed, according to a page 3 article in the 22 Apr 1920 Simcoe Reformer newspaper.

Charlotteville Council

The following were appointed of the offices of Pathmaster, Pound Keeper, and Sheep Inspector, Fence  Viewer, 
Cattle Tag Inspector for the year 1920:

Francis Abbey
John Arn

Ernest Bagley
George Barber
Cyrus Barker
Ernest Beecraft
Wm. Billington
John H. Bingleman
John Boomer
Jacob Buckley
Wm. Budd
Thos. Burton

Geo. Caldwell
L. W. Cameron
Stanley Card
John Casselton
Grant Chadwick
Ed. Chanda
J. Chanda
Walter Cole
Frank Collver
Dan Cope
James Cowan
Jos. Cronk

Robt. Davis
James L. Duncan
Charles Dunkin

Albert Earl
Lewis Earl

Fred Farrar

Mark Gibbs
G. A. Gibson
James Gibson
Samuel Gibson
Chas. Guiler
Wm. H. Guiler
John Gundry

Benson Hall
Joel Hall
Jas. Hammond
Freeman Hartford
Stanley Heath
Thos. Hill
Elon Hoover
Thomas Howick

Coville Johnson
Chas. Johnstone
David Johnstone

Robt. Kelly

Harry Lawrence
Thos. Leedham
Ora Lewis
James Linn
Earl Lord
Clarence Louden

Alton Madole
Geo. L. Marr
Thos. Mater
Clarence Mattice
Geo. Mayo
Harvey McClain
James McClain
Alonzo McKnight
M. Miller
Arthur Mills
W. C. Mitchell
Thos. Musson

Roy Nix

Lorne Oakes
Milton Oakes
Harry Overholt

N. S. Palmerton
Thos. Partridge
John Pepper
E. N. Place
Ed. Place
Sidney Pow
John Powell
Elwell Price
John Pullen

James Reid
Isaac Rogers

Peter Schilz
Albert Schram
Burt Schram
James T. Schram
James Secord Jr.
W. Shaver
John F. Shearer
Theodore Simes
A. H. Smith
Elwood Smith
John A. Smith
Wm. Spencer
Lorne Stackhouse
Thomas Stackhouse
W. H. Stackhouse
Wm. Staley
Russell Steinhoff

Alvery Thompson Jr.
Ed. Tisdale

Oliver Walsh
Oliver Wells
John Wheeler
Wm. White
Byron Wilson

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