Etc. -- 1919 S.S. No. 3 Woodhouse School Report
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An edited compiled transcription of a list of students in a page 5 article in the 3 Jul 1919 issue 
of the Simcoe Reformer newspaper.

S.S. No. 3 Woodhouse 
School Report
Teacher: G. Dimond

Marguerite Armstrong
Doris Aspden
Arthur Austin
Leslie Austin
Marjery Austin
Willie Carter
Viva Challand
Annie Field
Teddy Field
George Hocking
Dolly Jackson

Harry Judd
Jessie Judd
Willie Judd
Andy Masecar
Dorothy Mills
John Mills
Gladys Pepper
Persis Post
Lily Quanbury
Seymour Smye
Jean Stewart
Russell Stringer
Isabel Waffle

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