Etc. -- 1919 Vittoria Public School, Junior Division Report
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An edited compiled transcription of a list of students in a page 3 article in the 7 Aug 1919 issue 
of the Simcoe Reformer newspaper.

Vittoria Public School Junior Division
Teacher: Jessie M. Abel

Edna Baguley
Eric Baguley
Clendon Brazier
Leroy Brown
Kathleen Butler
Ivy Casselton
Sidney Casselton
Helen Chadwick
Murray Church
R. D. Church
Viola Greggs
Arthea Haynes
Meryl Haynes
Rhea Haynes
Bethel Johnson
Linn Johnstone
Donald McCall
Evelyn Misner
Alice Montrose
George Newland
Alice Oakes
Dale Oakes
Gladys Oakes
Joy Oakes
Norman Oakes
Thomas Pankhurst
Madaline Smith
Carl Thompson
Frank Thompson
John Thompson
Jean Thomson
Chester Vanwagner


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